On March 11, 2016, Library department has organized a Library Recognition Day. This activity aims to appreciate and recognize library users due to their continuous support and use of facilities, services offered, and resources available in the library. Likewise, this is also to increase customer awareness of the desirable benefits they could avail when they frequently visit and use the library and eventually be named as top library user for the month or for the whole year. This pursuit provides incentives which could greatly help students who do not have personal books especially during examination period.

The best user awardee for CY 2015 – students category are Cris Predes BSACT IV, Joseph Iver Juesna BSA III, and Char Lee Magan BSOA IV; for faculty category are Mr. Danilo Eñano, Ms. Kenrose Laguyo, and Mr. Ronilo Lemoncito. For the circulation services top borrowers of the year are Mark Anthony Checa BSAI V, Jomar Pios BSA II, Jerry Cido BSA II. Furthermore, Kennylyn O. Encarquez BSACT IV, student assistant for four (4) consecutive semesters was given “Service Award”. Simple token and certifcate of recognition were given to them.

These practices represent continued dedication to serve college students and faculty members as they utilize the most valuable academic references treasured in the heart of the college. In this fast paced and competitive world, where the network of data has been abundant and more accessible through the internet, the library remains to be the most eloquent source of relevant and precise information. The library is optimistic and privileged to continue and improve the commitments for which it was established.#