Our College Library is an integral contributor to the delivery of academic programs and in the pursuit of excellence. The library provides readily accessible resources, develops and preserves collections with emphasis on the college’ chosen area of focus, and offers a learning environment that pursues and creates knowledge.

Library strives to focus its efforts on providing instructional support for teaching, learning and research. The following reports present some highlights of its work and accomplishments in 2013.

Its collection development activities continue to focus on print, non-print, and multimedia resources. Library staff processed several e-books and other digital resources to ensure links to the library web page. Two hundred twenty nine (229) titles and four hundred twenty three (423) volumes of books, four (4) titles of journals and twelve (12) titles of magazines were acquired, processed, and used. The library also conducted an inventory count and weeded out twenty one (21) titles due to their physical condition and obsolescence.

Readers Admision

Readers Admision

Computer aided Research

The Library remains to be one of the busiest and most vibrant facilities on the campus. It serves sixty five (65) hours a week during the regular periods and nine (9) hours a day during summer. It welcomes and serves almost sixty seven thousand (67,000) customers throughout a year. In‐house services such as circulation, reference, and computer-aided research continually evolve to meet the changing information needs of its clients.

Some of the key statistics describing the use of library facilities and services include: (1) The Library circulated 28,472 items through its circulation desk record; (2) the largest borrowing group was the undergraduates which accounted for 94% of circulation activity, graduates accounted for 2%, and faculty and staff for 4%; (3) 9,848 availed the computer aided research services (Wi-Fi and Intermet access); (4) 1,971 were logged using the photocopy services; (5) 188 graduate and undergraduates availed the inter-library loan services; (6) library staff gave a campus orientation sessions to 652 clients (new graduate and undergraduate students and faculty) and (7) 202 were given reference information services.


Books Circulation Statistical Report

Together, library staff is a hard‐working team of individuals who pool their skills and expertise and commitment to the Library. They do their best to support the teaching, research and learning needs of the College. On May
2013, two (2) new library clerks join the rank of library staff. Further more to enhance their professional and personal skills, library staff attended one (1) national, one (1) regional, and four (4) local seminars and trainings
to continuously improve their professional and personal competency in the field of library science, office administration, and in rendering frontline services. Likewise, one (1) group dynamic activity was conducted on
comradeship and team building.

Library procured ten (10) computer tables, four (4) book shelves, one (1) binding machine, one (1) orbit fan,
two (2) wall fan, one (1) facsimile transceiver, three (3) UPS, one (1) printer, one (1) DVD player, one (1) 32” flat
screen TV, one (1) TV rack, and four (4) units of computer.