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With the theme “’Team building: as we make an interdependent team instead of individual workers”, this year’s Library day celebration became a meaningful activity to new and common staff as they took their journey to Pandanon Valley Resort in Murcia last Dec. 19, 2013. Library day is held annually to enable all staff to rest and temporarily escape from bulky library works. Such activity is accompanied by an evaluation of each staff ’s performance during the year. In her discussion, Ms. Ruvy M. Tuble, our college librarian, elaborated to the staff  the essence of the theme and emphasized the importance of teamwork in an organization. “Quality service may be efficiently and effectively extended to our clients if we have stronger teamwork and cooperation”, she said. She ended her speech by appreciating the efforts rendered by each staff during the year in performing their chores. Games and icebreakers filled the day with fun and laughters. The wonderful spots of nature witnessed the day’s conclusion which left the minds and hearts of the staff with appreciation and motivation that further strengthened camaraderie for a more prolific service in the next term.