Marife ReyesAfter years of commendable performance as library student assistant, Ms. Marifi D. Reyes and Mr. Oliver D. Sy were hired as library staff in charge of the Technical Services, Internet and Computer-Aided/ Multimedia Services effective May 16, 2013. Marifi D. Reyes or Pingping, as she is fondly called, began working in the library as student assistant for 5 years. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management. Pingping had gone a long way since her first day as working scholar of the library. She had proven dedication in every undertaking handed over her. She has fully imbibed a unique way of dealing with her work, people and study. The attributes she possesses makes her an asset ofthe library department in their quench to serve the entire CHMSC-FT community with excellence and satisfaction.


Oliver Sy

Oliver D. Sy is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information System. He chose to work in the library because he recognizes that his expertise in the field of information technology is valuable to the Library  craft. Being a working scholar for three years, he muddled through Library workstation computer networks, Library System, and maintenance of computers. His hard work and proficiency in website design, multi-media authoring, and programming give him a strong acclamation to be part of CHMSC FT personnel.