• What is a good library?

    • A good library must have a conducive surrounding that makes reading a pleasure and it should be run by qualified and experienced staffs who work with teachers to provide learning resources that will support the curriculum. A good library is equipped with a wide range of materials such as books, magazines and newspapers and it should provide access…[Read more]

    • A Good Library Must provide Students Good And Comfortable surrounding that enables us to feel the serenity of the place as well as Good Ventilation so that we may be able to study more.The library’s internet must be sustaining the students with satisfaction for us not to be reactive but becoming a proactive students because lots of students are…[Read more]

      • Thank you for your objective observation. 🙂
        Regarding the ventilation, the library has air-conditioned units that have limited power source and could operate only if other offices or computer laboratory rooms are closed. The library is currently coordinating with the administration to deal with this concern.
        Furthermore, access to the internet…[Read more]

    • the services of the CHMSC-FT library meet the needs of the various users. the editions of the books are updated to the needs of the students. the monitoring of the flow of resources such as books is effective. the security is effective due to the use of CCTV cameras. I LOVE MY LIBRARY!!!!

      • Bon Ryan, thank you for appreciating the library services and resources…it is our pleasure serving this academic community. We are here to assist clients in acquiring and using knowledge and be an instrument to improve lives with emphasis on developing lifelong learning.