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On this issue, emphasis is given to the Information Literacy Program of our College Library. The establishment of the INFOFEED program effective Academic Year 2014 – 2015 is a manifestation of our commitment to engage in quality library services that will educate students and imbibed to them an upright research skills and behavior while assessing and using information from different sources. Once students are empowered, they will be able to use information resources – both as related to their coursework and in preparation for continuous lifetime learning.

Since not all students in the campus have background of fundamental research and equipped with information competency skills, they may not have acquired the necessary skills to effectively search for information, or evaluate, synthesize and blend ideas; or may not have learned how to use information in original work or give proper citation and reference for information used. While some students may have acquired basic computer skills to send electronic mail, navigate the web, and share fles, they may not have been taught how to effectively search the Internet or effectively use library E-resources for academic research. This is where INFOFEED Learning Lecture are essential and make the difference to the success of students

INFOFEED Learning Lecture is provided to all students both through individual or group consultation or discussion. As your College Librarian, preparing you to become independent researchers and information-literate is my desire for this will further give you an opportunity to have a meaningful and not stressful college life experience. You will not contend with difficulties or you will certainly face fewer impediments while writing your case studies, research papers and the like.

Dear CHMSCians, to enrich your research experience, you are all encouraged to take advantage of our information literacy program. This medium of instruction could be availed through individual or group tutorial or discussion. Likewise, faculty members may request for library training workshops for their students. To avail the group discussion or training workshop, submission of Request for Reference and Information Services is required at least one week in advanced in the library. Individual student may approach the librarian for a session.

Never stop learning, maximize your use of our library resources. The human resource of the library will be your partner in making your learning experience worthwhile and we will be happy to be of service to all of you!


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