Staff Training

With the aim of appraising library services and meet the challenges of a demanding environment in this rapidly changing information age, FT library staff continue to develop their skills and knowledge through attending seminars, workshops, and trainings. Through these, library staff will be kept abreast of various development and knowledge about their work which they will soon impart and put into operation for the improvement of the library and the college as a whole.

CHMSC-FT designs trainings and seminars for personal advancements of its staff. On July 25-26, 2013, Ms Arlene P. Arita, together with other job order support personnel of the college, participated in a seminar entitled “Records Management: Preparing Functional Subject – Alphabetic Classification Scheme and Preparing Record Inventory and Appraisal”. Similarly, Ms. Arita, together with Mr. Oliver D. Sy and Ms. Marifi D. Reyes, attended a seminar on “Reorientation on Employee’s Norms and Attitudes towards Organization’s Success” on October 25, 2013. Both seminars were held at CHMSC AVR, Talisay City (Main Campus). The said seminars intended to
develop the staff ’s behaviors and skills, enabling them to execute well various frontline services and other internal functions of the College.