Purpose of the Collection Development Policy

The Collection Development Policy is written to provide the librarian, library personnel-in-charge, faculty, and administration with guidance and directions in carrying out collection    program activities in a cost-efficient and user-relevant manner. Such activities include selection, acquisition, and evaluation of library collections for weeding. In addition, this policy is intended for public to understand why certain materials are added to the library collection and why others are not.

General Collection Management and Development

Clientele to be served. The kind of collection the library has reflects the level and kind of clientele it serves. Particulars or non-members of the library can avail of its services subject to its policy on library utilization.

Subject coverage. The College library will acquire all instructional materials in support of college programs and curricular offerings, including textbooks (number of copies, see Procurement) and all kinds of information sources representing diverse points of view, and current as well as historical issues.

Programs or users’ needs. The College library will acquire instructional information and recreational materials, and other forms of resources necessary to support and supplement the information needs of the curriculum offered in the undergraduate and graduate programs of the College.

Faculty participation. Every end of the school year each faculty member is required to recommend and submit a minimum of five (5) book titles as references on their current subject taught as requirement for Clearance. The book titles must be of current edition. The Dean will forward those book titles to the Librarian for Purchase request and acquisition.