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Journal Name ISSN Audience
4Ps Business & Marketing 0973-4341 Trade
Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal 1096-3685 Academic
The Academy of Management Executive 0896-3789 Trade
Academy of Management Journal 0001-4273 Trade
The Academy of Management Perspectives 1558-9080 Trade
Academy of Management Review 0363-7425 Trade
Academy of Marketing Studies Journal 1544-1458 Academic
Business & Finance Week 1945-6441 Trade
Business & Professional Ethics Journal 0277-2027 Trade
Business & Professional Ethics Journal IAC0-4OQK Academic
Business Case Journal 1937-8459 Academic
Business Economics 0007-666X Trade
Business Finance 1521-4818 Trade
The Business Journal 1048-8812 Trade
Business Marketing 1087-948X Trade
Business Review 1990-6587 Trade
Business Today 1810-9306 Trade
Business Week 0007-7135 Trade
Business: Theory and Practice 1648-0627 Academic
BusinessWorld (Philippines) 0116-3930 Trade
Human Resources, Training and Development IAC0-5DIX Trade
Chartered Management Institute: Checklists: Marketing Strategy IAC0-5DIY Trade
Chartered Management Institute: Checklists: Operations and Quality IAC0-5DIZ Trade
Chartered Management Institute: Checklists: Small Business IAC0-5DJA Trade
 Managing Information & Finance IAC0-5DJB Trade
College Planning & Management 1523-0910 Trade
College Student Journal 0146-3934 Academic
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 1535-3958 Academic
Finance & Development 0145-1707 Trade
Finance and Commerce 8750-6149 Trade
Finance Week IAC0-0TBP Trade
Financial Accountability & Management 0267-4424 Trade
Financial Analysts Journal 0015-198X Trade
Financial and Business News IAC0-0MTY Trade
The Financial Daily IAC0-3JPL General
Financial Executive 0895-4186 Trade
Financial Management 0046-3892 Trade
Financial Planning 0746-7915 Professional
Financial Planning: Get Your Finances In Gear IAC0-3KHX General
The Financial Review 0732-8516 Trade
Foundations and Trends in Finance 1930-8248 Academic
Foundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management 1571-9545 Academic
Global Business & Economics Review 1097-4954 Academic
Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal 1947-5667 Professional
Human Resource Department Management Report 1092-5910 Trade
Human Resource Development Quarterly 1044-8004 Academic
Human Resource Management (Wiley) 0090-4848 Trade
International Journal of Business 1083-4346 Academic
International Journal of Business Performance Management 1368-4892 Academic
International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management 1741-8763 Academic
International Journal of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence 1744-6635 Academic
International Journal of Business Innovation and Research 1751-0252 Academic
International Journal of Business, Accounting and Finance (IJBAF) 1936-699X Academic
International Journal of Business, Marketing, and Decision Sciences (IJBMDS) 1942-8162 Academic
International Journal of Business Research and Information Technology 2047-0363 Academic
International Journal of Business and Commerce 2225-2436 Academic
International Journal of E-Business Management 1835-5412 Academic
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management 1368-275X Academic
International Journal of Financial Services Management 1460-6712 Academic
International Journal of Human Resource Management 0958-5192 Trade
International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management 1465-6612 Academic
International Journal of Knowledge Management 1548-0666 Academic
International Journal of Management and Decision Making 1462-4621 Academic
International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development 1468-4330 Academic
International Journal of Management and Human Resources 2327-087X Academic
International Journal of Revenue Management 1474-7332 Academic
International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 1466-8297 Academic
International Review of Financial Analysis 1057-5219 Academic
Investment Management Weekly 0896-8500 Trade
Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance 0148-558X Trade
Journal of Applied Finance 1534-6668 Academic
Journal of Banking & Finance 0378-4266 Trade
The Journal of Business 0021-9398 Trade
Journal of Business Administration 0021-941X Trade
Journal of Business Administration and Policy Analysis 1701-9680 Trade
Journal of Business Economics and Management 1611-1699 Academic
Journal of Business Ethics 0167-4544 Academic
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 0306-686X Trade
Journal of Business Forecasting 0278-6087 Trade
Journal of Business Research 0148-2963 Trade
Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation 2299-7075 Academic
Journal of Financial Management & Analysis 0970-4205 Academic
Journal of Financial Markets 1386-4181 Academic
Journal of Financial Research 0270-2592 Trade
Journal of Financial Services Marketing 1363-0539 Academic
Journal of Financial Stability 1572-3089 Academic
Journal of Management & Governance 1385-3457 Academic
Journal of Management & Organization 1833-3672 Academic
Journal of Marketing Management 0267-257X Trade
Journal of Marketing Research 0022-2437 Trade
Journal of Operations Management 0272-6963 Trade
Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship 0827-6331 Academic
Journal of Small Business Management 0047-2778 Academic
Management Review 0025-1895 Trade
Managerial Finance 0307-4358 Trade
Marketing Management 1061-3846 Trade
Risk Management 0035-5593 Trade
Risk Management for Banks: Policies and Procedures IAC0-3XGE Trade
Strategic Management Journal 0143-2095 Trade