3rd Library Day

Library Staff and Student Assistant’s at Campuestuhan Highland Resort

The whole day was filled with fun as the library once again celebrated on its third year their Library Day at Campuestuhan Highland Resort in Cabatangan, Talisay City last December 15, 2012. Thanks to our College Librarian, Ms. Ruvy and her staff Ms. Arlene and Ms. Jen for this very memorable, inspiring experience that further built a strong bond of team work among the library staff.

The 3rd Library Day with the theme, “Seasons of Giving! Together let us be one and have some fun!”, started with a prayer and a short message from Ms. Tuble emphasizing that in an organization, teamwork, cooperation, a heart full of grace, and a soul generated by love is the formula needed to achieve quality service and performance. She concluded her speech by appreciating the efforts each staff rendered during the year in realization of the unit’s goal which is to render effective and quality services to all its library users for the entire year and the years to come.

The activity was followed by group dynamic activities, games, and ice breakers. Games that strengthen camaraderie, build good leaders, and many more were successfully acted and relished laughter and glees. After the stomach development, the group went swimming and moseying, awed by the wonderful beauty of nature and scenery that were most perfectly picturesque